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After working in corporate and agency recruitment for many years, I found my true passion is the candidate side of recruitment. I'm all about empowering job seekers just like you to build confidence, aim high and shoot for the stars in their careers. The power of career coaching lies in its ability to uncover hidden potential and lay out a clear path to success. My mission is simple: to help as many people as possible find a career they love and reach their goals faster.

About Me

About Me

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Born in raised in Massachusetts - I'm the daughter of two hard-working immigrant parents who hustled hard to give their kids a stable, great life. I take this example of hard work and resilience with me everywhere I go.


I've had a diverse career path, working in corporate and agency recruitment – and I've seen it all! This experience allowed me to understand job seekers' challenges in landing their dream job.


After completing my undergrad in Developmental Psychology, I moved into outpatient counseling to work with young families and children. Mental health wasn't for me, and I made a career pivot into recruitment, where I began working with an agency. I was there for four years before transitioning to corporate recruitment, where I learned invaluable skills and tips on how to land a job.


From there, I went on to obtain my MBA. I became a certified Career Happiness Coach – combining my knowledge of human psychology with practical advice to help job seekers find jobs they love! 


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An entrepreneurial spirit at heart, I've spent my spare time working on multiple side hustles and launching my own businesses. I'm a certified mixologist, own a mobile bartending business on the side, and have launched a successful career coaching business. I'm an experienced career strategist, recruiter and coach who has dedicated her life to helping professionals find their dream job and achieve long-term career success. 



Ready to get started? Join me today on your journey towards achieving career happiness. Together, we'll make it happen!

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